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When looking for a solution to get a bigger penis things can become a little confusing. How do you decide what method to use, there are so many available now days and they all claim to work. Well the truth is that several penis enlargement techniques can give you results but not all may fit your style. And for many guys all natural penis enlargement pills may be the way to go. Here's why:

First of all penis pills are so simple to use compared to other methods it's ridiculous. You basically just swallow one pill each day and that's it. It does not get any easier. With other methods there is much more work involved to see results. For example while penis extenders are arguably the most effective penis enlargement method there is no denying they entail a lot of time for good results. Basically hours a day of wearing the device attached to your penis. For guys always on the go this could be a real problem.

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If you've been looking for the easiest possible solution to "add a little size" to your penis size and get the bulging rock-hard erections women love, your answer is a simple little pill! Just imagine it... you simply pop a pill every day, and within a few days to weeks your penis starts getting noticeably bigger!

And that's not all. You'll soon discover your desire for sex is growing too. And with a longer fuller "hang size" you'll walk with a confidence you've never felt before, getting you noticed where ever you go! That's all right. With your increased length and girth and longer stamina in bed, you'll have no problem pleasing any woman you choose!

Penis enlargement pills work in two ways. One is by increasing blood flow to the Cavernosa chambers of your penis. The other by raising your testosterone and growth hormone levels to optimal levels for enlargement to take place. And if you're a good responder, you can get an increase of 5% to 15% total volume within just a few weeks!

But it's the huge increase in flaccid penis size - up to 50% bigger - that many guys cherish.You see, for many men it's having a small soft penile size that is the worst problem. You know, hanging a tiny mushroom in front of the other guys in the locker room, being afraid to use public urinals in case your button sized penis is seen and especially disappointing your girl the first time she sees you naked. But that can all change!

Penis enlargement pills excel at increasing hang size fast, literally within a couple days. You see, for some men when the penis is flaccid it almost completely empties of blood. It's this lack of blood gives it the shriveled look that more fortunate guys never experience. But with your penis pill continuously working 24/7 to push blood into your penis, your hang size will actually increase up to 50% bigger within a couple of days. And the increase happens very fast because flaccid increases don't require any actual tissue enlargement, just the increase in blood flow.

While this may feel like a miracle for most men, you should also understand the truth about what penis enlargement pills are limited at. And that is increasing the length of the suspensory ligaments or greatly expanding the tough fibrous tunica surrounding the penile chambers; both needed for the huge gains. That's why for most men size increases are limited to 5 to15% when using penis pills alone.

For most guys this increase in erection size plus the increased libido, steel-like erections and massive increase in hang size is more than enough to radically to change their lives and make them a beast in bed. And remember, there is no work involved. But it's possible to get bigger size increases using penis enlargement pills combined with traction exercises (our top recommended Jaguaar Pills includes the best exercises for free) or a good quality penis stretcher.

Of course not all penis pills are created equally. In fact there is a huge difference in effectiveness between the best penis enlarging pill on the market and all the rest. Out of over twenty major brands tested, three were found to be much more effective than all the others. If you are ready to add the easiest inch you could ever imagine look at the top ranked enlargers.


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